About Measure AA

Vote YES on Measure AA to relieve traffic congestion, repair our roads and address transportation needs in Marin County WITHOUT increasing taxes.

Since 2004, Marin County has relied on local funding to reduce traffic and enhance our transit system. This critical funding is set to expire soon and the transportation services we rely on are in jeopardy. Measure AA is the only plan that continues transportation funding with NO tax increase.

Measure AA will help relieve congestion on Highway 101, including adding an I-580 connector, and will widen the Marin-Sonoma Narrows, reduce emergency response times and make regional transit connections, like the Ferry and Golden Gate Transit. Our deteriorating roads need Measure AA to fix potholes, repair streets and reduce neighborhood traffic.

Vote YES on AA: Safe Streets and Roads WITHOUT Increasing Taxes

  • Relieve traffic congestion on Highway 101 and local roads
  • Fix potholes and maintain local roads
  • Reduce traffic by improving Marin County’s interchanges, intersections, timing of signals and access on and off Highway 101
  • Provide matching funds to build a direct connector from Highway 101 to I-580 and the San Rafael-Richmond Bridge
  • Provide options for commuters going to and from work to relieve traffic congestion
  • Expand Safe Routes to Schools, including saving the Crossing Guard program
  • Provide local transit options for seniors and persons with disabilities
  • Protect local roads and highways from flooding and sea level rise

Measure AA Mandates Strict Fiscal Accountability Safeguards:

  • Every penny will benefit local transportation projects and programs, and cannot be taken by the State
  • Independent citizens’ oversight and annual audits will ensure all money is spent as promised

Passing Measure AA is the only way to get millions of dollars in State matching funds for Marin County projects. Without Measure AA, that money will go to other counties.

Measure AA is supported by every mayor and town/ city council in Marin, our business community and the Board of Supervisors – vote YES on AA.